*24/7 turnout on our Natural Boarding Track  (Paddock Paradise)

*Access to 2 large run-in shelters

*Guest paddock available with stalls for clinics, truck ins, injury, quarantine, vet/farrier access etc.

* Constant access to fresh water

*Free choice hay 24/7          *Mix of local Maine cut hay fields, along with alfalfa to balance forage nutrients, fed at multiple “hay stations” in slow feed hay nets.

*Grain fed 2X daily             ~Our balanced nutrition farm mixed grain is based on Veterinary nutritional research and is included in board. Grain consists of -organic Oats, non GMO Beet Pulp, Vermont Blend- New England vitamin/mineral balancer, and Omega E Flax-

~Boarders personal grain choice will be supplied by boarder and fed out by us. *since horses eating a different grain ration will need to be separated 2x daily for feeding, board price is not reduced.

*Salts and minerals both loose and solid available as free-choice

*Access to rotated pastures

*Fly predators and dragonflies released for insect control~Grounds maintenance for tick control

*70X125 Outdoor arean

*60ft round pen

*65X120 Clearspan fabric indoor arena-lots of natural light! (*Coming Soon*)

*Playground with obstacles to prepare you and your horse for anything!

*Organized playdays!-free for boarders

*Trails on property and right off property (we’re located right next to a public town trail)

~Additional Services Available

~Lessons available

~Clinics offered

~Equine Reiki treatments

~Photonic Red light therapy for both wellness and target areas of injury or soreness

~Bait Stretching for increased range of motion

~Personality assessments ~and how it relates to a successful relationship with your horse


  • *Full board $395 *before indoor arena install
  • *Full board $545 *after indoor arena install
  • *Retirement Board $425 *no arena use*
  • *Occasional arena use option $425 + $25 each session-up to2 hrs.

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