Our Track

Our track system is comprised of 10-15 foot wide paths outlined with fencing that consists of a permanent boundary fence and a movable inner fence. The paths wind in and around fields and forest, going up and down hills and over a variety of terrain and obstacles purposely placed around the track and changed periodically to elicit curiosity, problem solving, confidence building, and body/hoof conditioning. There are multiple feed, water, and mineral stations located around the track to continually perpetuate forward movement. Resting and rolling areas are also designed into the track to allow horses the choice to move off the main track for a rest, roll, or play/grooming time with buddies.

We have built our natural boarding track with respect to the horse and their humans’ needs in mind. We strive to make this a learning environment that is friendly to all disciplines and happily welcome outside trainers and instructors. Our belief in lifelong learning leaves us open to new concepts and differences in learning styles and approaches therefore creating a judgement free space where you and your horse(s) can be respected and supported on your journey in any discipline that you choose to enjoy together.

The track is designed for barefoot horses. Most horses, given a proper diet, a proper barefoot trim, and freedom to move continuously over varying terrain will maintain rock solid hooves able to participate without lameness in any event! Those wishing to go barefoot on the track will benefit from a much quicker rehabilitation time when combined with a natural barefoot trim. A sound and solid hoof can typically be achieved in 5-8 months after the shoes come off (hoof boots can be used for riding during rehab).

We work with Luke Tanner, owner of “L and M Horseworks”, to bring and keep all our horses on the track successfully barefoot.

Taken from Lukes website linked below:


“What is natural hoof care”? In short, NHC is the mimicking of the natural wear patterns documented in wild horses of the US Great Basin. We then take these natural patterns and apply them to the individual horse and hoof in the care of a qualified NHC practitioner. All horses can go barefoot and thrive with natural hoof care allowing the horse to be healthier and perform better. Horseshoes only harm the hoof, weaken it, and cause harm. They cover up issues in the hoof that can be rectified and healed with time and proper natural hoof care. We can help your horse with NHC.

AANHCP headquarters Paddock Paradise.

Luke has been practicing Natural Hoof Care for over 13 years and has taken horses from every discipline and breed barefoot successfully. Currently Luke works in every state in New England. He also worked in Arizona and California for 10 years.

Luke is certified by AANHCP and ISNHCP and is currently an instructor and clinician for the ISNHCP natural hoof care training program.

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