About Us

Harmony Horse Farm is lovingly owned and operated by Cindy and Eben Dumaine. Living on-site gladly affords them the ability to check the track, fill the hay stations and monitor the horses multiple times daily.

Cindy has been caring for and boarding horses for over 15 years both on her own farm and also working and managing commercial boarding facilities. In addition, she has volunteered at multiple horse rescues. Enjoying every opportunity for self growth and education, Cindy takes many courses and seminars to stay progressive and positive in her personal life and her endeavors with horses.

Eben enjoys caring for the horses and working behind the scenes to help make the farm run smoothly. He is the co-creator of the track, the fence mender, tractor driver, post hole digger, muck hauler, raker, mower, and loving support that has helped make this dream a reality.

Both Cindy and Eben believe in the importance of lifelong learning and put great emphasis on Family time, friendships, nature, and caring for animals of all kinds!

~I have loved horses my whole life and rode as a child at girl scout camps. We lived in the city and could not have horses when I was young, however, when I was older and bought a home I was able to finally have my own horse! This is where I learned everything that I didn’t know about horse care and handling. To gain more experience, I began volunteering at a local horse rescue working with the horses to help get them ready for adoption. The rescue recommended “natural horsemanship” and had a lending library where I borrowed everything they had from clicker training to Pat Parelli. I was intrigued by this natural training concept and wanted to learn more!

I took a job working at Gelinas Farm, a well known Natural horse care and training facility where I learned so much from Joanne and Artie who encouraged me to “never stop learning all that you can about the things that inspire you,” and this began my journey into lifelong learning about myself and horses!

I began taking courses at the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Centers in both Colorado and Florida. In 2014, following the Humanality/ Horsenality (horse/human relationship) course I went on to become fully certified by Dr. Handley in personality strengths assessment and coaching. I enjoy helping people understand their own unique personality traits, and it always amazes me how this affects the relationships with their horses! I am Reiki II certified, have taken courses in Equine bodywork and am trained in equine wellness through the use of Photonic red light therapy.

As we’ve learned more and more about the thriving physical and mental health of horses living in the wild it became clear that creating an environment as close to what nature intended for them, while living in domestication, was our responsibility to them. Our responsibility to you is making your horses wellbeing foremost in everything we do!

Welcome to Harmony Horse Farm, Eben and I are honored to share our “Paddock Paradise” with you!~Cindy

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