Can my horse go Barefoot?

Can all horses go Barefoot? Even ones with confirmation issues, injuries, health issues affecting the hoof, show-horses, eventing horses…etc…… YES!!

We work with Luke Tanner, owner of “L and M Horseworks”, to bring and keep all the horses on the track successfully barefoot. With the proper diet, proper environment “track living” and the proper trim, Any and EVERY horse can go barefoot!

Taken from Lukes website linked below:


“What is natural hoof care”? In short, NHC is the mimicking of the natural wear patterns documented in wild horses of the US Great Basin. We then take these natural patterns and apply them to the individual horse and hoof in the care of a qualified NHC practitioner. All horses can go barefoot and thrive with natural hoof care allowing the horse to be healthier and perform better. Horseshoes only harm the hoof, weaken it, and cause harm. They cover up issues in the hoof that can be rectified and healed with time and proper natural hoof care. We can help your horse with NHC.

AANHCP headquarters Paddock Paradise.

Luke has been practicing Natural Hoof Care for over 13 years and has taken horses from every discipline and breed barefoot successfully. Currently Luke works in every state in New England. He also worked in Arizona and California for 10 years.

Luke is certified by AANHCP and ISNHCP and is currently an instructor and clinician for the ISNHCP natural hoof care training program.

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